Cape Coral is among the top cities for millennial growth

Cape Coral among top millennial growth cities

Cape Coral has been named among the top 10 millennial growth cities in the United States. The Cape Coral-Fort Myers metropolitan area has one of the highest millennial growth rates on 11.7%. That is according to a new report from the Brookings Institution. Growth in numbers of young people The growth in numbers of young people aged
Florida home values are up 9.1% in January

Florida house values rise 9.1% in last year

Florida house values have risen 9.1% in the year to January 2017 and condos by 11.7%. Median sales values for single-family existing houses reached $240,000.while condo-townhouse prices stood at $179,900.  That is according to data from Florida Realtors data. Florida Realtors President Christine Hansen, explains, “There’s an ongoing shortage of housing inventory in many markets
Winter hotel stays in the Cape are some of the costliest in Florida

Winter hotel stays ‘among costliest in Florida’

Winter hotel stays in the Cape Coral-Fort Myers region are among the most expensive in Florida, new data suggests. Visitors to Sanibel will spend an average of $303 nightly in the peak winter times of February and March. That makes it the second most expensive destination in the state, while Fort Myers Beach is third on
Florida house prices are rising

Florida house prices rise 8% during 2017

During 2017, single-family Florida house prices rose 8%, according to the latest figures. In addition, sales rose and would have been even stronger if not for Hurricane Irma. That is according to the latest data from Florida Realtors. Inventory cannot meet growing demand Florida Realtors President Christine Hansen explains, “This past year, the still-tight inventory
South Florida real estate is set to see more foreign investment

South Florida real estate ‘set for more foreign investment’

South Florida real estate is likely to see continued foreign investment, according to an annual study. Thanks to e-commerce advancements, continued foreign investment and the newly signed tax bill, professionals expect South Florida’s real estate growth to continue in 2018. That is according to the fourth annual South Florida real estate survey reveals. 2018 set
single-family house prices have risen

Lee County single-family house prices rise 7.1%

Median single-family house prices in Lee County, which includes Cape Coral, rose 7.1% in 2017, according to data from the regional realtor body. Median single-family house prices increased from $227,400 to $243,500. At the same time, condos values rose 2.2% from $181,000 to $185,000, according to the Royal Palm Coast Realtor Association. More closed sales
A SW Florida airport expansion plan is being discussed

SW Florida Airport’s $180m expansion plan

A $180million expansion plan is being considered for Southwest Florida International Airport. The Lee County Port Authority is reviewing the plan. The proposal includes updating passenger check-ins, larger security screening and relocation of restaurants. First expansion plan for 13 years The expansion plan, the first for 13 years, aims to help process the growing number
Most renters want to become home owners

Most renters want to become home owners

Eight out of 10 renters want to become home owners. And they also say owning a home is part of the American dream, new data suggests. To show how renters want to become home owners, almost six in 10 United States renters say now is a good time to buy a home. That is according
Equity in U.S. house sales is growing

Average home sale nets $54,000 profit

The average home sale in the United States at the end of 2017 generated $54,000 profit – a decade high. The equity profit on the average home sale in Quarter 4, 2017, was up from $53,732 three months earlier. It was also up from $47,133 in Quarter 4, 2016, according to data from ATTOM Data
Winter hotel stays in the Cape are some of the costliest in Florida

Florida population growth could boost housing

Florida is one of the fastest-growing states in the country – and Florida population growth could create a housing boom. So says Florida Realtors, in a headline on a story highlighting strong Florida population increases, illustrated by U.S. Census data. Affordable, mid-sized cities Florida’s population growth to 1 July 2016 was 1.82%, the fourth best