Home starts are rising

New U.S. home starts and completions rise

New home starts and completions both rose in May 2018 across the United States, the latest data shows. Building permits fell during the month, but were sharply up for the last year. So says the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development construction statistics. Privately-owned homes authorized by building permits
Cape Coral leads retirement equity lending

Cape Coral in top 10 for equity loan property investment

Cape Coral is the top city in the United States for using home equity loans to boost retirement and is also 10th for property investment. In addition, it is the sixth highest city in the U.S. for home equity spending being used on home improvement. That is according to the data from specialist LendingTree. Median
More businesses are being created in Cape Coral

More businesses being created in Cope Coral

Cape Coral is attracting more new businesses. Around 150 new businesses are being established each month on average. That is up around 15% on last year. The figure is 19 more than the 134 on average in 2017, says Cape Coral’s Economic Development Office. Welcoming businesses that fit in well with Cape Coral Cape Coral
Cape Coral flipping produced $58,500 average returns

U.S. home equity tops $1trillion

Home equity among mortgage holders in the United States topped $1trillion in the last year, new figures show. At the same time, the average homeowner gained $16,300 in equity in the year to Quarter 1, 2018. That is according to the report from data specialist, CoreLogic. Cape Coral-Fort Myers flips produce $58,500 gain on average
Record consumer sentiment has been reached for second month

Record consumer sentiment for second month

For the second month in a row, record consumer sentiment over house selling has been reached. In May 2018, Fannie Mae’s Home Purchase Sentiment Index (HPSI) rose 0.6points to a record consumer sentiment score of 92.3. However, consumer attitudes about buying and selling a home have continued to diverge as home prices have increased. The
Florida home values ‘to rise 7.5% in next year’

Florida home values ‘to rise 7.5% in next year’

Florida home values are expected to rise 7.5% in the year to April 2019. That is according to property research specialist, CoreLogic. This is 2.2% more than the predicted rise in national house prices up to April 2019, CoreLogic’s House Price Index states. It is also 1.7% more than Florida property price growth during the
Cape Coral is among the safest cities in Florida

Cape Coral among Florida’s safest cities

Cape Coral has been listed among the top 20 safest cities in Florida. It is also the only large city on the list. The SafeWise website for security professionals drew up the top 20 safest cities in Florida selection. Safest cities in Florida The website says, “Our list of the safest cities in Florida includes
Homes are important for long-term financial security, data suggests

Home vital to long-term financial security

A home is vital to long-term financial security, research suggests. The Survey of Consumer Finances results has been highlighted to mark National Homeownership Month in June. It suggests that a household’s primary residence is its largest asset. Home is main financial asset The main residence accounts for around a quarter of all assets held by
Cape Coral is a top choice for a staycation

Cape Coral among best for a staycation

Cape Coral has been named one of the leading destinations in the United States for a staycation. It was ranked in the top 25 after being placed first in the rest and relaxation category in the annual listing by the WalletHub financial advice website. Altogether, 182 cities were included in the Best Places for a
New single-family home sales are at a recent record

U.S. Single-Family Homes hit new record

The Single-Family Home inventory in the United States has hit a new record in recent years. The number of new SFHs rose 7.7% to 795,000, says the Census Bureau’s 2017 Characteristics of New Housing report. Median price of new single-family home is $312,400 The median price of a new home is $312,400, which is 21% more than the