A new Cape Coral parks video showing plans for updates and improvement has been produced. This is subject to a public vote on financing.

The Cape Coral parks video encourages residents to vote in November for the Go Bond initiative. This will create new community parks, neighbourhood parks, environmental parks and also improve more than 20 existing parks.

Among planned park amenities are tennis and pickleball courts, trails, playgrounds, fitness stations, aquaparks as well as dog parks. There are also boat and canoe access, pavilions, restrooms and more proposed.

Partnerships will be sought with restaurants and stores at the Yacht Club, Crystal Lake and Cultural Park. These will help fund operations.

Kerry Runyon, the city’s parks and recreation director, says parks improve property values and the quality of life for residents. They also bring health benefits and create jobs.

The video says, “Wherever you go in Cape Coral, you are never far from a park and they offer something for everyone.”

The $60million Go Bond option, if approved, would mean an extra rate on property taxes. This would be generated through a millage rate funded over 15 years.

A study from consultants Barth & Associates concluded the city needs another 660 acres of parkland to meet its need. It also requires another 2,570 acres at buildout.

If the proposal is approved, residents will have the chance to say want they want in their parks.