Cape Coral is top for growth potential, says a business website.

The Waterfront Wonderland has a rich and supportive business environment that enables companies to grow quickly—and is also a paradise for the workforce, says Business Facilities.

Cape Coral is one of the nation’s job growth leaders

The Cape Coral MSA is one of the nation’s job growth leaders. Lee County has a population of roughly 650,000 people, with more than 7 million visitors each year. The local year-round population is expected to increase by more than 14 percent by the year 2020. In fact, the Cape Coral metropolitan area is the fastest growing in the nation, according to Moody’s Analytics, it says.

“Cape Coral is the largest city in Southwest Florida and stands apart from all other communities in the region. The sprawling, 120-mile city—the third largest geographically in the state—is only 48 percent built out. This means that there are wide-open opportunities for finding a prime location for your business, along with demographics suiting your goods and services.”

“The Cape Coral Economic Development Office is working on several fronts to attract new investors and businesses, facilitating the expansion of existing businesses, creating new and improved employment opportunities, and developing and promoting economic incentives.”