Cape Coral is among real estate markets to watch.

That is according to the Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2019 report from financial services specialist, pwc.

Investor demand in Cape Coral is strong at 3.54 out of 5. This helps the metro reach 56th place in the United States in the Overall Real Estate Prospects Table. It is also 21st for Homebuilding Prospects.

The report says, “Cape Coral/Fort Myers/Naples are seeing interest from more institutional players and remain attractive to regional and local investors. Gainesville, Tallahassee, and Deltona.” 

Cape Coral is among real estate markets to watch

Cape Coral is among real estate markets to watch, as it gains 3.41 average score out of 5. This includes local market participants’ opinions on strength of local economy, investor demand, capital availability, development and redevelopment opportunities. It also includes public/private investments, and local development community.

The outlook for real estate investment and development is good in nine of the markets. There are also excellent opportunities in four of the markets.

Demographic growth, a friendly business climate, as well as an attractive cost structure are factors contributing to the positive outlook for Florida.

Population growth over twice the national rate

The 2019 population growth rate is projected to again be well above the national rate. Seven of the Florida markets are expecting population growth rates that are at least 85 percent higher than the national average. Cape Coral/Fort Myers is among areas experiencing population growth rates over twice the national rate, says the report.

Cape Coral/Fort Myers/Naples as well as Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg and Orlando have benefited from strong annual net migration over the past five years. Focus group participants point to the increased diversity of their markets population.

The 2019 employment growth rate is likely to be well above the national rate in Cape Coral/Fort Myers and some other areas.

if you look past the market rankings, it is important to note that things look good across all markets in the survey.

Survey respondents consider the average expectations for real estate investment and development to be good in 72 of the 79 market areas included in the survey. They rated the remaining markets as fair-to-good.

The bottom line is that opportunities are available in all markets. The length of the current cycle as well as increased transparency has allowed a larger and more varied investor pool the time to evaluate these markets and find what works best for them, says the report.